Keep winning with the reels spinning on the reels of Fire Joker

It’s that time and again when the most notorious trickster in the world is wreaking destruction on the fiery reels that make up the Fire Joker slot game. The sly joker is determined to pull off the most trick to date and if you fail to put an end to his evil tactics and tricks, the fruits of the reels and payouts could never flourish ever again. Create a clever counter-strategies and give the prankster an opportunity to try his own poison.

Prepare yourself to face the wrath of the notorious cheater in Play’n GO’s Fire Joker slot. Beware not to fall into the tricks of the Joker as Joker is famous for his devious tricks. Jackpots of up to 4,400 coins as well as a series of bizarre stunts await you in the Joker’s abode with this timeless slot88 machine.

Find mouthwatering fruit and classic symbols of slot machines from single bars and lucky 7s to jokers and golden stars. Play the 3 reels and five paylines to make winning combinations that can bring you to the top of the list.

Start your journey inside the Joker’s room by investing the minimum of 0.05 coins to 100. You will feel the desire to win using your Respins on Fire feature. Also, there is Multiplier Wheel which will increase the chances of winning enormous payouts from Fire Joker. Fire Joker slot.

How do you get wins through the Joker?

The only way to win winnings is to get three identical icons on reels. The Fire Joker slot game, you’ll find traditional slot symbols that are sure to bring back memories.

High-paying symbols

Three of these symbols will be displayed on the reels to be the most lucrative symbols. Each symbol could bring you huge payouts when you get these symbols in the spins.

Make sure you have fire extinguishers on hand and be prepared for the heat since the reels explode in flames every when you victory!

One of the symbols with most value is the lucky red 7. This symbol will be rewarded with 25 coins.

The second most popular symbols is that of the gold star. It is more than just a shining symbol of success and hope This star will award you with massive jackpots worth up to 20 dollars when you win three or more of them in the game.

The final iconic symbol you’ll see will be the single Bar. When you land three of these symbols it is possible to win an amount of 15 dollars.

Low-paying symbols

In the case of low-paying symbols, delicious fruit will be spotted on reels, and pay out huge payouts.

The most low-paying symbol with highest value is plum. The purple snack will pay you 7 coins when you get three of it.

Grapes are part of the lowest paying symbols. This tasty wine-making fruit could bring you six coins.

To round out the list of symbols that pay low the lemon brightens the reels with a splash of bright yellow. It is possible to win a pay-out five coins after you win three of this nutritious food item.

The final delectable fruit to be found in the lowest payoff symbols are the cherries. When you land three of this small but delicious fruit, you could be awarded four coins.

Blue lettering can be considered to be one of the symbols with low value. It has the lowest worth of all the regular symbols. When you land on 3 of these symbols, you could earn you two coins.

Bonus features

Its Fire Joker slot game has bonus symbols that are more plentiful and has a wealth of features to ensure you win big with every spin.

The joke is elevated to the occasion and is displayed on the reels as it is the Wild symbol. You can win 80 dollars when you see three his image on your reels.

Inspiring flames by using Fire Joker’s features, like it’s Respin on Fire Feature and the Multiplier Wheel!

In the Respin on Fire Feature, you’ll get another chance to spin the reels if both have the same symbol, however, there aren’t any winning paylines. This feature is activated and sets the reels on fire, providing more chances to make winning combinations.

In the Multiplier Wheel feature, you have the opportunity to increase your winnings by at least 10 times, when you fill the reels with the same symbols.

Real hustlers don’t quit in Fire Joker

Find a way to escape Joker’s tricks, and then collect the winning symbols from the reels in order to earn amazing winnings.

Play’n Go’s gorgeous images and breathtaking layout will let you love the stunning design of a classic slot.

The game’s background has an argyle pattern which symbolizes the famous theme of the comedian. The whole display of the game is focused on three primary colors related to the harlequin’s mischievous nature: orange bronze, red and orange.

Flames and embers cover the logo of the game, adding energy to this game of wits against the jester.

Make a clever plan of how you can get rid of the Joker’s schemes one and for all, to get the delicious fruits and legendary symbols that appear on the reels. Be sure to have enough tricks in your arsenal, to draw the attention of the Joker and also win the jackpot that is worth 4,000 dollars. Be the next greatest trick-player on Fire Joker and keep spinning the reels.

It’s true There’s no stopping the wicked! Discover more fun games here on Slots.


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