Enjoy Mobile Fun With the Vivo Y72 5g

Vivo Y72 is a revolutionary new smartphone from Vivo. It is one of the first phones in the low cost smart phones segment that offers excellent value for money. It is also one of the first smartphones to offer full QWERTY keyboard, amazing camera and other high end features like Air Gesture, Dual Shot and fast charging. It also has a high definition camera, stunningly beautiful screen and a stunning design.

Vivo Y72 has a two modes, namely, primary and custom. In primary mode, you can use the Android interface and enjoy the multi-tasking features of this device. On the other hand, in custom mode, you can get access to 5 apps that are preinstalled on the handset such as Google Maps, Google+ Business, Google Earth and much more. This gives you complete control over your device through these apps. You can perform all your usual tasks like browsing, reading eBooks and many more through your Vivo Y72 phone without any hassle.

Vivo smartphone has a unique multi-screen feature that offers a great user experience. It has an advanced fingerprint sensor which provides an enhanced security system to the device along with its beautiful Super AMOLED Plus capacitive screen. To make it all possible, the device has an integrated rear camera with an LED light kit which allows you to see things in high definition video. One thing that could make this handset more enticing to buyers is the stunning two tone ringtone which is built into it and also an expandable memory which supports you to add more apps and data.

The beauty of this handset lies in its attractive looks, which are enhanced further by the amazing Iphones blue screen. The vivid colors are made possible by the existence of a dual HD capacitive touchscreen vivo y72 5g. The vivid colors and sharp images deliver a brilliant experience to the user, which is augmented further by its large 16 mega-pixel camera. With an impressive chipset, the vivid colors of the vivo y72 5g can be seen clearly.

The power behind this device is provided by an innovative and advanced chipset which has been fabricated by Samsung. One thing that makes this gadget more appealing to the consumers is the presence of a powerful dual HD capacitive screen. It ensures that you have sharp viewing capabilities when watching videos and photos. A regular 6. 58 inch widescreen display is present, which is quite large when compared to other smartphone devices. When it comes to connectivity features, the video y 72 5g has everything that one would look for in a smartphone.

This smartphone has a neat back plate which is perfectly crafted and fits perfectly into the body. The presence of a dual image sensor along with OMAE 7020N outdoor cameras also ensure that you get high-resolution pictures. The Samsung smartphone has an all metal body, which is covered with smooth, soft touch skin. The vivid colors of the video y 72 5g are supported by a vibrant LED ticker and a fingerprint scanner. You can enjoy your selfies from the comforts of your house with ease and serenity.

As far as the performance of this handset is concerned, it is one of the best devices that can be used for surfing the internet, streaming videos, taking pictures and using many other android applications. The vivid colors and bright icons present on this handset give it an appeal that cannot be described. The memory size of this smartphone is yet another factor that makes it stand out. It has a very large memory which has been used by the users quite well. Apart from the large memory, it also comes with superior graphics which help to enhance the usability of this device. The vivid colors and the amazing photo processing power of the vivo y 72 5g make it a much desired android device.

With a fast charging battery, the funtouch 11 operating system of the video y 72 helps you enjoy extended battery life even when the usage is heavy. You can comfortably use this mobile phone even when you are driving due to its excellent handling and great speed. The Samsung Funtouch Odin lets you enjoy multitasking with ease and enjoys an ultra light weight.


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