Clear up the condition connected with Electric power Having Home Energy Assessment.

Shortage of power and depletion of energy sources have made people think seriously towards saving electricity. The us government is giving increased exposure of using renewable source of energy more since they are Eco friendly. However, no efforts could be successful unless home energy assessment is done. Assessments could be called by various names such as Comprehensive Home Assessment, Home performance Assessment, Energy Audit etc. This in turn also reduces environmental pollution as power remains generated using coal (thermal power) to a sizable extent.

It is strongly suggested that home energy assessment or energy audit is conducted in most household. Such audits allow people to detect the quantity of power being consumed in the house. It checks the various regions of house and can highlight where more electricity has been used. By looking at the result it’s possible to further take necessary steps to reduce the energy consumption and make your house, energy efficient.

Cooling and heating equipments consume maximum quantity of energy that any house uses. Therefore, it’s advisable to clean these equipments from time to time and check if there is any damage. As about 10 per cent of the total used power is accounted to the lighting equipments, it is needed that one should check the wattage of the bulbs being used. Usage of CFL bulbs can further reduce the consumption. Solar power may also be used by installing photovoltaic cells on the roof most efficient electric heating system. This not just reduces electricity consumption but it addittionally reduces dependency on non renewable sources of energy, thus saving the environmental surroundings from pollution.

Home energy assessment is not merely limited by saving electricity but saving of water may also be regarded under this category. Although an important portion of Earth is included in water, large area of the world is facing scarcity of fresh water. Therefore, it’s the need of times to save lots of water.

Energy Star is frequently related to the performance of any electrical equipment. The real history of energy star dates back once again to 1992 when Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy in the United States created it. Home performance with Energy Star could be highly increased as computer products or kitchen appliances with Energy Star service mark consume 20 to 30 per cent less power. The listing of products with Energy Star service mark keeps growing everyday and it now includes virtually all household electrical equipments and office equipment products.

In this era when electricity is just about the necessity of every household and the conventional energy sources are depleting, it’s the responsibility of everybody to exhibit awareness towards saving electricity. Energy audit and home performance with Energy Star can do a lot towards reducing energy consumption and decreasing the pollution level. Further, relying more on non conventional source of energy like solar powered energy and wind power can solve the situation of power.


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