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You must have heard about trading, stocks, equities etc. But have you about day trading. It is a technique of trading and subset of stock trading. With the increasing benefits of the stock market, it becomes necessary to learn more about stocks and its techniques. So let us find more about the smallest tenure stock trading: day trading.

Let us find what is day trading?

Day trading is a trading technique where you trade within a day or in other words, you sell all the financial instruments you buy on the same day before the closing of the trading day. Traders involved in generally day trading are known as speculators.

Day trading can’t be learned in a day and cannot be done being impulsive. It needs proper analysis of the market over a considerable period of time, so that you are able to know when to invest and when to not. A day is a small time to earn and lose, so needs wise decisions to be made. Newbies tend to indulge less in day trading and are done mostly by experts. Various techniques using data and algorithms and market understanding are used to gain profits.

Pros of day trading

  • You can earn money really quick. It’s a matter of 12 hours as the stock trading market closes in the evening. A beneficial strategy can lead to huge returns in a single day.
  • Day trading removes the tension of overnight fluctuations in the market. Stocks can fall dramatically overnight and cause you hefty losses. But day trading saves you from this.
  • Day trading does not need your active participation for the whole day. You just need to be active for a few hours to do all the trade and earn and rest all the day.

Cons of day trading

  • Day trading is full of stress within a day. It needs good patience to learn the market ways, read statistics and successfully predict the market outcome. In day trading, there is no chance to repeat your mistakes while trading.
  • With day trading, you can lose money really quick. It’s just a matter of hours that you can face a huge toll on money. That’s why you need to be more careful while day trading.
  • Day trading needs more attention. You need to be aware of every moment of the market through the thorough time you are trading. This leads to tension in certain hours and you cannot engage in any other work through that time

Every coin has its side so has day trading. Everything has different techniques with pros and cons and one need to choose what suits him/her best. You can check more information from



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