Agriculture: Realize days gone by as well as the Upcoming

Agriculture has been the absolute most integral method of livelihood since the start of time. This involves not only the cultivation of plants and vegetation but in addition animal farming. Crops has been and is still the man’s main food source. Its vast history can be traced back to thousand of years ago, surpassing various eras and numerous climate changes.

Primeval Origins and Middle Ages

Agriculture has for ages been depicted in ancient cave drawings and has appeared in countless manuscripts. The initial of civilizations started near rivers กรมส่งเสริมการเกษตร due to the water it supplies and the nutrients it supplies the land. Egypt and India were believed to possess the absolute most fertile of lands fit for sowing, no wonder it had been named the Cradle of Civilization. By the 7000 BC, agriculture reached Egypt. This paved waves for ancient Sumerians to developed agricultural techniques such as for example irrigation and land cultivation in order to increase production. Even the Greeks have a figure because of it, Demeter, as the fantastic Olympian Goddess of grain and bread. It portrays man’s supply of sustenance. Such she’s one of the most revered of all gods. Round the 1500s, colonists started their voyage and participated in the global exchange of crops such as for example potato, cocoa bean and tobacco. Spices from the New World were brought back to the Old. Soon this barter system improved to fabric, pottery and even jewelry.

Different Production Practices

Today, almost the same idea of agricultural techniques are increasingly being practiced with the slight difference of more complex machinery and scientific processes. Pest control is one of the most practiced due to the abundance of destructive insects and diseases that affect the crops. Pesticides are among the fastest ways of pest control yet are discouraged due to the chemicals that may cause fatal effects to humans when ingested. Plowing the soil can be both a questionnaire of pest control and nutrient enhancer. It prepares the land for planting. Other nutrient management techniques include the use of fertilizers and compost, crop rotation and proper irrigation.

Organic vs Inorganic

The demand for organic food has greatly increased over the years. People are far more conscious in what they eat and in turn be aware of how their food is grown. Organic foods are foods which are grown and maintained without any chemical pesticides or genetic modification. In grocery stores, Organic produce are often labeled “All Natural” or “100% Organic “.The demand for agriculture will no doubt increase still as the years progress. Until humans find another supply of sustenance free from any agricultural content, this can forever stand as our method of living.


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