A Travel Car Rental Service in Dharamshala

A Tibet tour is a one of the best ways to explore the mystical and spiritual culture of this country. There are many ways to travel within the country, but a great way to see the region is to take advantage of a guided tour from a travel car rental service. A private tour guide will provide you with insight into the life of the Tibetan people, as well as provide you with information on popular sights, including Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro. It is possible to book a tour from a tour car rental service in just about any destination in Tibet, including the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Manali, and more.

One of the most popular activities associated with touring in Tibet is trekking. Trekking tours often begin in Ladakh, a region that lies in the north central part of the country. Many adventure tourists choose this route because it is easier to navigate through the high peaks in this region. Once in Ladakh, many travelers rent a travel car and set out on a day-long trek through the beautiful mountains. Some even camp on the mountains!

The next day, travelers will visit Dharamshala, the main city in Tibet. This ancient city is home to many monasteries, including Stok Palace, Laban Stoly, and more. Stok Palace is considered to be the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The travel agency will provide you with maps, so you can easily navigate throughout the city. If you have never visited Tibet before, a guided tour of the area with a hired car rental will make your trip much easier than it would be without it.

On your tour of Dharamshala, you will visit thechen Travecal, or holy places. You may wish to visit the Dashang Monastery, which houses the last Dashang Shikara, or Lama’s quarters. The travel agency you have hired to deliver your tour car rental will be able to tell you which temples you can visit during your stay in Dharamshala. After visiting all the shrines, travelers can rest at the local guest house, while touring the nearby areas in Dharamshala.

The next day, travelers will travel to the village of Lhasa-Lhasa Lake, which is known for its rich natural environment. While there, you can shop at the Lhasa-Lhasa Shopping Village, which offers Tibetan-run stores and shops as well as souvenirs from the region. Other attractions in this area include Lhasa-lar, the last Dalai Lama’s childhood home. The travel agency will also provide you with a list of things to do in the area, such as trekking, rafting, or attending a yoga workshop.

Following your visit to the Shanti Bhavan (the location of the golden Buddha statue), you can head to the Golden Triangle tour guide service headquarters at the Stupa Dabhaga. This is another prime spot for stupas and photo shoots, where you can get some great shots of the golden sand dunes and valleys of Shanti Bhavan, golden arches, and the Great Himalayas. The travel car rental service will also provide you with a copy of Shanti Bhavan: India’s Travel Destination by Simon Kippens. After receiving your itinerary and map, you will return to Dharamshala and begin your trip to the South.


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