Paralegal Business Opportunities – New Home Based Career Choices For Stay-At-Home Moms

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, she chose to leave a career working for other lawyers and moved home. She became self-employed and has worked from home ever since.

There is no reason that you, as a paralegal or someone about to become a paralegal, cannot work at home. You will fix your own hours and run on your own schedule.

There are big advantages to self-employment for paralegals.

One is that you fix your own hours. That means you can work part time while you take care of your young children or spend more time pursuing hobbies and outside interests.

Another advantage is that it can be more lucrative to be self-employed. You can get a higher pay rate and you have the advantages of tax deductions that only are possible for you if you have your own business.

And a third advantage is that you do not have a boss. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of all. Working inside a law firm for one or more lawyers can be extremely stressful and not always pleasant. I would say that it is very much of a high pressure job that can sometimes be enjoyable but often brutal.

Lawyers may not be the best managers. They did not take a single management class in law school and are sometimes clueless about running a law firm and maintaining a good relationship with their legal staff including you. how to start a paralegal business from home

Okay… now that I am starting to convince you about the value of self-employment for paralegals, let me introduce you to some options.

You can work with a small, medium or large firm and you can still work from home.

You simply visit your client’s office now and then, but do most of your document preparation at home.

You will require a good computer setup, a good but inexpensive laser printer, and a reasonable Internet connection. But you probably already have that, right?

You can do legal research from your computer and you can prepare and print documents there. Almost nobody uses a law library with actual books anymore. It’s all on line and therefore being a self-employed paralegal working from home makes sense. You can be a mom while you pursue your career part time.

And there is still one more option for you. A self-employment opportunity. That option is working with lawyers and their clients, helping their clients who are involved in litigation. Helping plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits so they can pay their living expenses and manage while they wait for their settlement.

I hope that you will investigate litigation funding, or lawsuit funding, as it is sometimes called. There is great need for talented people in your profession to pursue this. Clients are grateful and you can really make a difference in people’s lives as you raise your family and make a good income at the same time.


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